Baju Wanita Moden Terkini 2017

Versatile and Accessibility

It is practically the most worn dresses for any occasions, be it at a wedding ceremony, during festival ceremonies, at a workplace, during presentations and more. Its versatility attracts the people and not just the Malays but the Chinese, Indians and even foreigners.

Culture and Beauty

Cultural heritage is an important element in Malaysia and as much as we take pride of our national landmarks, this Muslimah attire is the fashion trend that Malaysians take pride in as a statement of identity when it comes to describing Malaysia.

Unique Anatomy of Kebaya

Throughout its evolution from the first time it was introduced, reports explained this piece of fashion mega was made from various kinds of fabrics, from sarung to songket; from batik to modern lace.

Where it all began…

Great things begin with an interesting history, baju kebaya has no less interesting story regarding its origin. Kebaya became the number one cultural clothing in Malaysia and Indonesia due to assimilation of culture between the Southeast Asia and the Middle East and the European continent. Derived from the Arabic word Kaba or Abaya, it was introduced to various islands around the Southeast Asia that spreads across Malacca, Java, Bali, Sumatera and Sulawesi through diplomacy, trading and social encounters. Another source from Denys Lombard in his book Java Nusa: Cross Culture (1996) claimed that it was firstly introduced by the Portuguese when they begin their trading relations in Southeast Asia.

Kebaya is the new fashion trend!

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, baju Kebaya evolves into much modernize look to make it look edgier and more sophisticated yet still reserves the traditional essence that has been embedded in the Muslimah dress for over hundreds of years. It is blended with the use of clasps, zippers and buttons to help the women of today get accustomed to and feel comfortable in it. Modern-day Kebaya successfully adapted to the progress of the era in the present in the features of each muslimah wear being made.

It became a huge trend here in Malaysia, both culturally and corporately. It is not just seen as a piece of blast from the past, but instead, a dress of the present and the future. In Malaysia, it became a representation of Malay culture; centres in modesty and sophistication. Corporate companies in the government or private sectors have also adopted the use of this Muslimah wear as an official uniform, like Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines that uses this dress for their female flight attendants

According to Koleksi Baju Kebaya official websites, there are so many types of baju Kebaya across Malaysia alone. Several countries in Malaysia have its own national Kebaya as their Malay cultural pride.

Each of it has its own unique features, either in their form or the materials used in making the national dress; from the combination of colours, to the accessories put together; resembles the unique quality each country wish to represent in their national cultural clothing.

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