Kebaya Saloma


The Origin of Kebaya Saloma in Malaysia

Unlike any other Kebaya we know, this iconic dress was created by an equal iconic figure known as Primadona Saloma – the Marilyn Monroe of Malaysia. This piece of art is described as a tight-fitted Kebaya with killer curves and slight off-shoulder neckline to flaunt the shape of the shoulders. The bottom attire of the dress is also equally unique to the core. A Kebaya Saloma skirt is a combination of sexy and elegant in one form. It is made from various materials, from songket to batik; from silk to modern lace. As time passes, newer materials were made into this iconic dress. She loves the element of sexiness and sophistication shown in woman’s attire which inspire her to came out with the jaw-dropping attire that completely turns the world around. This dress is usually worn during her public appearance and performances as a singer, which put the highlights not just on her, but also the dress that she pioneers.



What Makes This An Iconic Dress in Muslimah Fashion Industry?

A Legendary Creation

The fact that the dress itself is a creation of a very well-known public figure drives the influence around the world. During the period of its first introduction, Tanah Melayu was on the verge of preserving the culture and the way of life Malay people are born into, thus, the existence of something new is very restricted. When the Primadona made a public appearance in a totally new fashion sense, the impact created a massive wave that not only put her as the fashion mogul back in the days, but putting the dress in the fashion industry for a lifetime. Her fashion sense, her way of seeing art in clothing and her vision of how the style should evolve is what kept the dress continue to survive and evolve in the fashion world.

Everlasting Beauty

The uniqueness of baju Saloma moden is what makes it so special. All women have one thing in common; their love for beauty. The nature of beauty itself is enough to keep woman on their toes to hunt one down. This dress is the epicentre of beauty because of the cutting in its form, the materials used, the history of it, the designs that turn it into a masterpiece to be owned. Newer versions add a touch of modesty and innocence that made it available as a Muslimah dress puts major attraction for the wide range of audience. The historical scripture behind the dress plays a major influence on how people perceive the dress which eventually gives them a great deal of appreciation and respect.

Top Selling In The Market

It is like a Ferris-wheel effect where it continues to swing in one big circle – going the exact same way, but as you get to the top, you have a different view; much beautiful and vast. It is the same with baju Saloma terkini where the production of the dress is still going on as usual, but as time progresses, resulting in a much broader range of customers than before. The demands are growing. With the existence of baju Saloma online, the market continues to go sky rocket than usual. Traditional attire normally is an occasion-oriented where they are only good to wear on certain occasions like festive seasons or wedding ceremonies, but this dress is one of a kind, it can blend into any situations there is; whether formal occasions or casual wear because the way it is very flexible.

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