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Baju Raya 2017

Baju Raya Terkini 2017 Online 

Baju raya collection 2017 online -

Raya is just around the corner and one of the best thing about it is the harmonious wave of celebrations, foods and new clothes – Baju Raya to be exact!

Baju Raya is trending and evolving in style throughout the years and it does not seem to be stopping. As one the ageless traditional Malay clothing, the likes of baju Melayu, baju kurung, baju kebaya and more have become the embodiment of national and cultural identity for Malaysia. It defies the borders of race, religion and time.

In order of the approaching days of Hari Raya, let’s do a little bit of a throwback to see how this unique hari raya clothing have come since its creation.

Where Baju Raya all began

Back in the days, what is now known to be the official clothing for Eid ul-Fitr, was widely (and still are) called baju kurung, and this actually applies to both men and women! I don’t know about you readers, but it is a new story for me. So, baju kurung was introduced during the third reign in Melaka back in 1424 ‘till 1444 by Sultan Muhammad Syah. An attire complete with a sampin and a songkok for men, and long dress with interesting patterns for the women, which sometimes being combined with a selendang. This traditional attire was worn by the villagers and the royals as it is their day-to-day clothing as well and as era after era passes, this traditional clothing turns into an iconic fashion trend that is worn by everyone regardless of who they are, where they come from and what year they were born into. It is also depicted as a symbol of unity and togetherness in Malaysia – representing the colourful family.

What you put on your skin matters

The material used in this uniquely traditional clothing varies but bears the same quality to the wearer. The usual songket, batik, silk and satin are the common fabrics being used to create baju kurung. The smooth and coolness of the fabric creates a delicate sense to your skin.

Baju raya varieties at its best

Every country in Malaysia have their own set of baju tradisional that differs in style and form. It fits all group of ages and gender.  The style is unique and always perfect for special occasion like Hari Raya. Here are some different styles of baju raya terkini that you can look forward to for this coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


Baju Raya 2017 Perempuan – Beauty for the ladies

Elegance is what women go for to enjoy the Raya celebration with a bang – without actually pulling of the fireworks. There are various types of baju kurung for the ladies that can dazzle your Eid ul-Fitr days. Here are some of the list that readers will find helpful to make up your mind on what fashion you would to go with this year.

1. Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga


Originated from Johor, this attire is also known as Baju Kurung Johor. There are several styles of needlework centralising around the neck area – which what makes it stands out and perfect for women to showcase themselves during this year’s celebration. Such designs are like mata lalat, tulang belut and insang pari. The dress goes down passed the knee, with one pocket ready-made. This designs fits for elegance and beauty. It is also notably considered as the national kurung for Johorians.


2. Baju Kurung Cekak Musang


This Indian and China-infuenced baju kurung has similar physique design as Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga, but the main difference can be located around the neck area. This one particular baju kurung has a collar with three clasping slots. The clasps are usually made out of golden jewel clasp known as kunang-kunang sekebun. This clothing really puts the crossover between cultures as the designs creates a fascinating collaborations by incorporating Indian and China influences in it. It brings out the sophistications in the wearer.


3. Baju Kurung Kedah


What was believed to originated from Thailand, this baju kurung takes the form of a loose blouse made out of either cotton or a thick fabric known as kain kasa, complete with oval-shaped neckline. The blouse is worn with kain sarung to complete the entire traditional attire. It depicts traditional at its best. This traditional clothing is widely known and quite commonly worn on a daily basis.


4. Baju Kurung Melaka


This traditional Melaka kurung pose visual designs and fancy embroidery around the chest area to give a stand-out element into what seem as a normal traditional dress. The physical form is similar of Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga, but the classy yet culture-centred aspects of the designs made it one of its own.


Baju Raya 2017 Lelaki Yang Paling Bergaya 

Handsome and charismatic – two of the qualities that you will get putting on a baju Melayu for the day. By far, every man looks good in a baju Melayu, be it during the celebration season or on a daily basis. This is surely due to the sophisticated designs that shows off the beauty-side of one man’s fashion sense.  This men’s traditional clothing is the rage and in-trend every year; Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga. Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga showcase a length just a little over the bottoms with custom-made two pockets on the front. The neckline is made oval with the same embroidery design as the women’s, which is mata lalat, tulang belut and insang pari. Accustomed with a sampin and a songkok, this attire made for a perfect baju raya for the guys this year.

It is time to open the men’s fashion catalogue and get going on narrowing down the best attire one needs to prepare for this coming Aidilfitri. We only have a month away, so tick-tock-tick-tock! Where can one find the best baju Melayu moden that could suit you? Well, these three types will certainly help you make up your mind.

Kurta has been a new Malaysian trend for men’s fashion line. The modern day look becomes the most wanted baju raya of all time when it first came into view. The sleek look, the comfortable soft fabric and the interesting colour tone on each kurta gives buyers the variety of options to choose from. The perfect muslim wear for this year’s Hari Raya occasion, don’t you think?

1. Baju Melayu Kurta Moden


Kurta originated from India that have created its landmark in Malaysia well over years now. This newly acclaimed baju raya and/or men’s wear have taken Malaysian by storm. What makes it so unique? The kurta goes down just around the knee, which makes it slightly different than baju Melayu, but different that you can distinguish it with your own eyes. The cutting does pop out the Indian culture that goes well together with the touch of Malay’s traditional style. Another point of interest that puts men’s kurta in a top spot is the versatile design, modern cut and interesting pattern that shows the charms of those wearing it. Good news is finding one is not much of hassle since now it is almost more than possible to find baju kurta online.


2. Baju Melayu Kurta Amar Amran


Baju kurta for men comes in many styles and patterns. One is Amar Amran’s kurta that comes in a unique design. From the surface, this stylish muslim wear looks a lot like a modern-day outgoing shirt. You would have blink twice to notice that it is a baju Melayu fits for Hari Raya. This modern kurta goes down right around the waist with a triangular cut with a zip placed on the shoulder to allow ease for wearer. The fabric is smooth and flexible that fits well and remains comfortable throughout the day. It is a perfect selection for men who prefer much trendier and modern look to go with during the celebration but does not stray too far off from keeping in sync with tradition.

Here are the usual size references that you can use and take note on when picking your own men’s kurta:

Size S: 40” x 39” x 23” x 17” x 30” x 31”

Size M: 42” x 41” x 44” x 24” x 18” x 31”

Size L:  44” x 43” x 46” x 25” x 19” x 32”

Size XL: 46” x 45” x 48” x 25” x 20” x 33”

*chest x waist x hip x sleeves x shoulder x length

3. Baju Melayu Kurta Lubna


Another muslim kurta wear that men would find to be of a choice is the Lubna Kurta. It is a mixture of baju Melayu, a kurta and a whole ner level of modernity. This baju Melayu kurta moden goes down well above the knee that resembles a standard kurta – so, once you got  a glimpse of it, it will definitely stand out to you as baju kurta. The main difference Lubna put in its design is the collar that propped up around the neckline – adding a dose of Chinese culture to the style. It also has 3-pockets and 5-clasp buttons that resembles the likes of standard baju Melayu. The attire is made out of 100% cotton that fits perfectly on the body and soft on the skin. The modern touch that is displayed on the design makes it looks stylish.

Here are the usual size references that you can use and take note on when picking your own men’s kurta:

Size XS: 38.1cm x 60.3cm x 118cm x 121.2cm x 99.7cm

Size S: 39.8cm x 61.6cm x 123cm x 126.2cm x 101cm

Size M: 41.5cm x 62.9cm x 128cm x 131.2cm x 102.3cm

Size L: 43.2cm x 64.2cm x 133cm x 136.2cm x 103.6cm

Size XL: 44.9cm x 65.5cm x 138cm x 141.2 cm x 104.9cm

Size XXL: 46.6cm x 66.8cm x 143cm x 146.2cm x 106.2cm

*shoulder x sleeves x chest x hem x length

Adorable for the kids: Baju Raya Kanak-kanak

Well, grown-ups are not the only one who can have all the fun this Raya, right? Cute and adorable baju raya choices are always wide. From baju kurung, baju Melayu, jubah, dress and shirts are at the mercy of your kids to dress for the occasion.

Raya shopping is a go

It is never too late to start shopping for the best baju raya out there. So many places to look, but with the advance technology we have now, you can even look up it online. You can get the best designs for baju Melayu online for the men and baju kurung online for the ladies and baju raya kanak-kanak online for the kids to celebrate this year. Celebrate this year’s Aidilfitri with the stylish outfit for you and your family.

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